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How to install Xentry Connect C5 battery pack NEW

Xentry SDConnect C5 manual: How to insert battery pack to C5 unit

How to configure Xentry Connect C5 V09.2017 NEW

how to configure/set up SDconnect C5 to use for the first time

How to do SD connect C4 LAN & WiFi Configuration NEW

Topic: How to configure SD connect C4 LAN & WiFi to solve DAS fault (1.1)-1.501.9500.

(Solved)SDconnect c4: Please insert batteries NEW

SD connect compact 4 mux display: Favor inserir baterias(Please insert batteries)

W220 S55 ESP Variant Coding with Star diagnostic NEW

Problem: I get a code under ESP module saying C1511-005 Coding Error Variant Coding is incorrect

How to choose a HQ SD Connect C4 clone NEW

This is a copy of an original post in MHH forum. I copied and shared it again because it’s a great write-up and i bet i will benefit more from SDconnect C4 crappy tools.

How to Link WIS ASRA standalone to XENTRY/DAS NEW

This is how to get WIS/ASRA to link both XENTRY&DAS together so I can get help working from XENTRY/DAS.

How To Use Star Diagnosis Coding Out ABC on R230 Cars NEW

Star diagnosis DAS software can code out ABC, here is the example on code out SL65.
NOTE : the instruction here only for R230s (not any W215, W216, W220, W221)

SDconnect C4 Xentry on 205 “Files missing” NEW

Here is the issue and solution of how to get Xdos Xentry 17.3.5 to work fine on C 205 when users but tried to access C 205 it says “files missing”.

That is, update C4 and it will work!!!

Customer Reviews On STAR C4 Conenct unlock dump: 100% works! NEW

This review form MH community, holds no responsibility for what you will try.

How to reset SDconnect c4 LAN & WLAN IP address NEW

How to guide of sdconnect c4 mux IP address setup for the local area connection and wireless network connection. And it will help solve WLan Error 2 displayed on the c4 mux.

SD connect C4 PCB rework for 24V 12V cars NEW

Have any idea why SD connect C4 mux works only with 24V but no connection to 12V?

2017.03 SDconnect C4 Xentry/DAS FAQ NEW

Here are the most frequently-asked questions from SD connect C4 users and professional answers from engineers working for Hopefully, it helps those in trouble.

SD connect C4 for W205 NEW

A long review of SD connect C4 for W205 coding & programming

Vediamo 04.02.02 with C3 configure working Shorttest/analysis NEW

It’s kind of ipcircle who share a little installation manual for Xentry users who have problems with Vediamo to work with star C3 Mux.
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