SDconnect C4 Xentry on 205 “Files missing”

Here is the issue and solution of how to get Xdos Xentry 17.3.5 to work fine on C 205 when users but tried to access C 205 it says “files missing”.

That is, update C4 and it will work!!!

To update SD connect C4 interface, make sure you have 6xAA 1700 mAH rechargeable batteries inside which are already fully charged.

If no batteries or weak batteries, often parts of the update will fail.

If you put in non rechargeable, then there is risk of explosion!


Caution: 6xAA rechargeable batteries!!!!!!!!!

Good tips:

– How to install SD connect C4 battery:


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– How to update SDconnect C4 to firmware v2.30:




Thanks for laco210 for making important point.