How To Use Star Diagnosis Coding Out ABC on R230 Cars

Star diagnosis DAS software can code out ABC, here is the example on code out SL65.
NOTE : the instruction here only for R230s (not any W215, W216, W220, W221)
To do this, you need a Star diagnostic SD Connect C4 with Developer mode. Hook up SD Connect diagnostic system to your car and when it reads your car, select Control Units, pick Information and Communication and you will see ICM :
After ICM, you will see Control Unit Adaptions :
From there, choose the year of your model :
From there, select Special Equipment
Select ABC :
• Then go to the drop down tab and change it from PRESENT to NOT PRESENT, and click F3.
• After that, turn off the car, with the doors closed.
• Wait 1-2 mins and start the car back up (no more ABC codes and no white or red lights).