Xentry DAS working but WIS not installed (solved)

I have the problem with WIS standalone installation 
Version: DAS 012012,  Star C4

LanID: 080002AF5490

1) Keys; checked and used 2 different keys, they are all - saved successfully
2) WIS is 012012
3) Modifyed d2ksetup.ini
4) Running sdswitch.exe
trying to install on "clean" system, Xentry DAS is working, but WIS (surprisingly) I cannot install.


Solution found!
Problem only in permission on folder e:\wis
You need to do:
1) Right click on folder WIS disc E:
2) Select "Sharing and Security" menu
3) Click on Security tab
4) Select "Users" in "Group or user names:" list
5) in list "Permission for Users" check "Full control"
6) Press OK
and you done!


WIS installation reference:

How to install WIS for SD Connect C4


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