What is SCN Coding?

SDconnect C4 is a professional diagnostic multiplexer for vehicles. And online SCN is one of the function in Xentry, used for programming and SCN coding (including ECU, ABS/SRS, transmission computer, 722.9 gearbox matching ), and supports all vehicles.

There are many control modules on the vehicle, so that it is very often to see something wrong with one. So how to solve this problem? Programming!! It is necessary to do programming when change the module. The the following case as an example.

722.9 gearbox may go into Emergency Mode, why? Because of the low voltage of battery, vehicles with this version will produce trouble codes when the engine starts, so that the vehicle need programming.

Solution for 722.9 gearbox may go into Emergency Mode:
-tools needed:
SDconnect c4 + Dell D630 (better);

Clear the trouble codes;
Do online SCN coding;
Set automatic transmission control module program.

Ps. ECU programming, gearbox computer programming-mb-- can realized by SCN coding with SD C4.

SCN coding display:

SCN coding display
SCN coding display
SCN coding display