V2015.9 up DAS Xentry Multiplexer Initialization Failed Solution

Here is the MBStarTool.com engineer solution to  Star C3 V2015.9 up DAS Xentry multiplexer initialization failed problem.


Error message:

Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed.


Possible causes:

The link between the diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic socket is interrupted.

The link between the diagnostic multiplexer and the diagnostic unit is interrupted.

The voltage supply at the diagnostic socket (circuit 30 and (or) circuit 31) is faulty.


When using SDconnect,check the connection status using the Toolkit.




1. First check if you use the correct software for Star C3 not SD Connect C4, you do not modify software by yourself and it passes self-test.

If all these are okay, replace the Config file in c:\program\mecredes-\config

Config file



2.If still not work, check device and vehicle communication

3. Otherwise send your Star C3 and software back to repair.