Super Star C3 Upgrade Step-by-step Guide

mbstartool launches 100% genuine version SUPER STAR C3 which supports vehicles from 1989 to latest. Software is directly updated on official website free for one year.

Here is the step-by-step guide of how to update the Super Star C3 software.

Step 1: Every Super Star has unique password letter, ID (e.g SUP2013U07MR) and serial number (2014-0123-4567-6789). Check the information after receiving the package.

Step 2: Browse the update official website: and try to login.
Step 3: Enter the Super Star C3 ID e.g SUP2013U07MR, 8 digits Serial number and password 45676789 on the left label to login. Click "Login"
Step 4: Click "Update Online" option, then you will find the software list, download the latest software to update Super Star C3 diagnostic tool.