Super Star C3 Technical Support FAQ

Q: The system asks for input star key every time I open the software?
A: When the first time you input the star key, you have to click "save", and set the "lic-key-2 Properties" Read only.

Q: Error "No access authorization code, please contact the star diagnosis call center."?
A: This caused by no Super Star C3 software activation or the software have not been usefully activated, please provide starshop tech ID to help active.

Q: Super star system program pops out "invalidate" error message?
A: 1) Send us again the HW-ID, Lan-ID, we help you active;
   2) Set the computer time the same as that of super star version, for example: if super star software is 2012.05, set the computer time to between 2012.05.01 and 2012.05.31.

Q: Super star 2012.11 with moveable hard disk, and when run DAS, it says "Super star dongle not found! Please insert the USB Dongle!"
Super  star dongle not found! Please insert the USB Dongle 
A: Just check the VM settings, please tick before USB key, please set like this: Removable Devices-USBkey-Show in Status Bar
Removable Devices-USBkey-Show in Status Bar - super  star c3
Q: When run star c3 DAS software, the program pops out "No valid DAS license problem; DAS will be closed" error message?
A: Solution: Enter the key and then open the "STAR UTILTITIES" on your desktop, select the start key manager,>>DAS, then send us the LAN-ID, we will send back the star key to you. Choose "Save" successfully. Then replace the protected .dll with the Original one. You also can get the Das Developer Mode Keygen
super  star c3 DAS licence problem 

Q: How can I get the super star update password if I forgot it?
A: Provide us serial number, software version and hard disk format, we will send you back the password.