Super Star C3 T30 HDD or external HDD, which one is better?

MBSTARTOOL has launched 100% genuine Super Star C3 which fits all computers. It is compatible with three HDD formats: 2014.9 DELL D630 HDD, 2014.5 IBM T30 HDD and 2014.5 External HDD.

Which one is better for Super Star C3, Internal HDD (IBM T30 /Dell D630 HDD) or external HDD?

T30 HDD also called internal HDD can only work with IBM T30 laptop, Dell630 HDD can only work with Dell630 laptop while moveable external HDD can work on any computer with com-ports. T30 HDD carries out faster diagnosis than external HDD.

If you meet the error message when install DAS software by using moveable external HDD:  “Super star dongle not found! Please insert the USB Dongle!”, please check the VM settings, please tick before USB key, please set as: “Removable Devices-USBkey-Show in Status Bar”.

If you have Dell 630 laptop or IBM T30 laptop, you can choose internal HDD. Otherwise you can choose moveable external HDD vice versa.

Super  Star C3 T30 HDD or external HDD