Super Star C3 SRS, SBC etc Special Functions and Password

One of the Super Star C3 multiplexer users want to realize SRS, ABR and SBC function. But he cannot find these settings and wonder whether he should order the SCN Online coding service or not.

SRS, ABR and SBC etc special functions are the function located under XENTRY software program. There is no relationship with SCN Online Coding program. Moreover, our SCN Coding service only works for SD Connect C4 multiplexer.

How to find out Super Star C3 diagnostic system Special Functions:

Install XENTRY software
Select "Diagnosis"
Select "Control Unit"
Select specific module, like: "SRS-Supplemental restraint system"
Select "Configuration"
Select "Manual setting"
Select "Special settings"
Super  Star C3 
Entry password is required when realize these special functions. The password to Super Star C3 Special functions is: ss108 (with double lower-case s)

Super MB Star C3