Star Diagnosis or SCN coding for coding Xenon headlight ballast?

Xenon headlight ballast - has to be coded via Star before it will raise or lower aim in response to vehicle pitch sensors. Headlight blinds oncoming drivers unless it has been coded by Star. No option but to visit dealer and hand over wedge. Is that ensuring safety or is it something else?

It does not need SCN coding (well certainly on older cars). SCN coding is the "online" bit where the config is needed - which only works with supported systems. SCN coding was initially used for engine/gearbox/airbag (as coding them wrong is a disaster, or messes u emissions), then added for the instrument cluster (on W164) as so many got that wrong and menus disappeared, and now for just about everything.

However, It does need Star Diagnosis - and most independent specialists have at least one Star Diagnosis "clone" machine which is less than £500 (although interestingly none on eBay, but see - these can do all the testing but as you note less and less configuration. If they don't have one then they are not able to do a proper diagnosis job on !

Just to add one extra point, make the diagnosis protocols available to makers of independent diagnosis systems (such as Autologics) so that they can develop Star Diagnosis competitors. This again is an EU requirement.