STAR cluster programming with SCN coding

Star has a password that changes monthly to enable 'factory' mode, which gives you the ability to fix things that the normal coding doesnt do. Once in factory mode you get extra menues - mostly in German and normally used with assistance from Germany. The more experienced technicians will have had to do this at some point before.

SCN coding does not apply to the W203 C class cluster, for the instrument cluster it came in with the ML and new A class and basically makes coding simple and mostly non-flexible for dealers, in that the SCN code is only downloadable from systems and you have to have a genuine star machine to get access to the systems. The SCN code is generated from the database that knows what options your car has at called FDOK. You only SCN code a control unit if something has gone wrong (i.e new cluster) or you add something (such as sat nav) and the database needs to be updated first.

You don't have to be a main dealer for SCN coding - you have to have a genuine star machine and be registered with the local country operation properly. Getting FDOK updated is a whole load more complicated.

The engine management systems are all SCN coded - have been for some time - i think that is about emissions compliance as-well as making same control units work for multiple models with same engine but with different power outputs

1 - Tyre Pressure Warning
This does not need SCN coding even on A/ML as it is in fact is not setup in the cluster.

2 - UK variant deactivation ie Outside temp in place of KPH
This needs the factory mode password and a knowledge of German. Also the addition of gallons remaining in the tank in the fuel computer needs the same.

> As far as i'm aware, deactivating KPH is illeagal - can anyone confirm this?
I do not beleive this is true - someone sometime ago called up the DVLA (or whoever is in charge) and got the answer that provided you can display KPH via a 'switch' (i.e a software menu) that is fine. If you code the car properly you can switch between digital speed or temp in that display, and you can switch between KM and MPH also. On older cars everything swops when you switch between KM and MPH (i.e the fuel computer switches to l/100km etc) , on the new ML you can chose how just that display is.

>Also, can anyone recomend an indie near Glos to get these mods done?
Alfie @ (pm him on this forum) is in Woking - he charges a fixed fee to do as much coding as you want - things like auto-folding mirrors if you have folding mirrors, seat moving away when ignition turned off if you have memory seats, etc. will not do TV in motion.

> Another point they made is if you have mods done then they can be
> cancelled out at your next service after being hooked up to Star.
This is another piece of dealer hearsay and rumour generating. The cluster changes will only get wiped out if the dealer specifically SCN codes the cluster - they do not do that as part of a service, its a slightly complicated procedure and they all work on the 'don't touch what is not broken' principle. Engine remaps can only go if they re-flash the engine management - again a long process that they don't like doing in case it breaks (as car is then non movable!) - they'll only do it if there is a 'required service measure' issued by (then they get paid for it by )
The only thing I do know that gets wiped is TV in motion on the old type COMAND - I dont know if it does on the new one as-well

Hope that helps