Star C3 "Detection of multiplexer initialization failed"


Connect best quality Star C3 diagnostic system with 2000 Correceria c200 203, no indicator light on and no communication between multiplexer and equipment. The system window pops out error message: “Detection of multiplexer initialization failed”
 Star C3 Detection of multiplexer initialization failed 

Possible reasons:

1) Detection of the multiplexer and element disconnect between switch socket
2) Detection of the disconnect between multiplexer and equipment
3) The voltage of power supply switch (terminal 30 or 31) is not correct
4) In order to use SDCONECT, try to link through KI tools


1) Check the connection between multiplexer and equipment. If there is well connection between device and vehicle, the indicator should flash after start the engine.
2) Try to test on another vehicle.
3) Change another connection cable. starshop provided good quality RS232 to RS485 Cable for Star C3.