Solved SD Connect C4 Using Errors

SD Connect Compact 4 with newest software version 2014.12 is available for vehicle from 1995 to 2015, supporting fault code reading and erasing, coding and programming, reading real-time data for sensor and actuator etc.
(Note: Hardware Version:  OS: 2.3   CSD: 2.8)

Here provides some information and problem solutions for SD C4, with which helps you use the software successfully.

Q: Does this software HDD have requirement for computer or computer system? Can I use Win7 system to install this software?
A: Please install the software on XP system. XP system is best for this software. More steady for software running. Do not advice you use win7 system. (Note: Only do with Win XP System for remote control installation)

Q: After I find Fingerprint ID, I click "Diagnostic", it do not show me the Fingerprint ID, but the following error prompt: “Internal error (3.17) - 3.89 You must contact the user help Desk ", why?
 SD connect C4 internal error 
A: Your computer is not compatible with this star software; change another computer to install the software. This is the lowest configuration for computer: CPU 2.0GHZ or above, 2GB memory or more, Windows XP professional. If your computer is D630, and then need integrated video card and 1GB memory or above.

Q: When I setup the Wireless Network Connection, I got the following prompt, what should I do next?
  SD C4 Wireless network connection
A: Ignore it. Please follow our video to setup the star, and then you can use it directly.