(Solved) SD Connect C4 Register Name Problem


The default SD Connect C4 name is 00. One SD Connect C4 users in MHhorse forum entered the Toolkit SDconnect register interface but got the register name 05 but not 00. Then he tried to register it, the computer picked up the serial number, but when press start in the register/configure menu an error DCDI-eErrorCode=204/ appeared.
 SD Connect C4 Register Name Problem 

Solution 1:
Send back your SD Connect C4 main unit to our factory to update the firmware. You can DIY update firmware for yourself, but had better not try this method, otherwise may cause other problems.

Solution 2:

1) Insert Rechargeable batteries
2) Connect with LAN cable, set IP addresses correctly.
3) Delete previous SD configuration and confirm by double click Spanner button
4) Power up SD connect C4 device. The laptop should automatically recognize the SD connection and display the icon “00” if the IP addresses in Local Area Connection are correctly set.
5) Then launch SD Administration Toolkit and register/configure