(Solved) E 270 2005 battery drain

I have E 270 2005 battery drain, then I use autocom to solve the problem, then changed all parts, but problem has not been solved, finally I was told to buy one sdconnect 4 with SDscan to find the awake module. If you have the same problem as me, I think the following parts will help you.

Case: not having the correct diagnostic tools to solve a problem
Battery drains issue.
What done and examined now.
Alternator and starter changed.
Both batteries new.

What investicated.
Fault codes cleared with autocom.
Passenger side seat heater coil and seat switch changed new.
I think problems started then.
Passenger seat heater coil resistant 10-11 ohm.
Driver seat 20 ohm.
Battery fully charged with exide smart charger and when all connectors taken off from both seats battery draining stop about 12.11 v
when I unplug seat control module under driver seat battery drains only 12.4 v after 48 hours. So I bought another used seat control module and now drain started again..
Any suggestion what do next

I was told by one experienced technician: this is another case of not having the correct diagnostic tools to solve a problem---then after all the parts change out you go and put a bad used part on the car---hopefully this is your car and not a customers.

If your handy dandy autocom will not analyze the can bus, how will you ever find the awake module----save your time---find someone with a SDconnect mux with SDscan--they will find the awake module in 45 seconds!!

Finally, I bought this one SDconnect:
Only $539, almost $30 ~ $100 cheaper than Amazon and other site.