SD Connect C4 WinLicense error solution

I bought the Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 with 2015V DAS Xentry last year. It works without issue. But today it gave me 2 errors:
1. WinLicense error

Error message "This software does not accept more hardware changes. Please contact"


mb-sd-c4-winlicense-error2. Internal error: (3.17)- 3.219

Internal error: (3.17)- 3.219 You must contact the User Help Desk.


mb-sd-c4-internal-error-3.17Solution from engineer:

Delete the file "lic-key-2" and "x4711" if you have activated your DAS xentry software.

Re-activate the Xentry after delete these files.


How to activate SD C4 DAS Xentry?
If the error still exists, you have to send your hard drive back to repair.