Review on Original C5 SDConnect Xentry Tab Kit for W222

I have focused on C5 mux for a long time, too expensive I think. And happily,last week, I just read a post from It is amazing for me! Second hand but original!!! Then I went to starshop by the link in the post.
Here, I would like to show you what I got first!

Although it is second-hand described on the web, it comes like a brand-new one. Without any scratch or damage!! Totally different from personal sellers! It only cost US$14,999, much much cheaper than a really original new one. Purchased from, with 5-day delivery.
I have to say C5 is really professional (also wonderful) for my love, W222(2014). It had efficient diagnostic program and complete vehicle database and the high-performance Panasonic tab H Tab with 4G memory and 13.3 inch LCD touch screen with advanced upgraded VCI+ communication interface. The nice customer service helped me to pre-instlled the software before delivery, which brought a lot of convenience for me. I used it when I got it!! And It is said that C5 diagnostic tool in the only one supports protocol-mb--DOIP in the new , which C3, C4 cannot support. Like SDconnect C4, C5 also supports wireless diagnosis.
I used it to for my air condition. Days ago, I got air condition regassed and noticed that while it was being done that the compressor clutch isn't working - so I have no air condition she has manual air condition with knows. The EC button works, well the light cones on! With the help of C5, I got the AC codes, and then search the codes’ meaning on the web to diagnose it well.
Luckily, it came back to my arms yesterday. Thanks to C5!!