Modify Star C3 Pro to work as SD Connect C4

Some Star C3 Pro (best quality version) has developed new method to make their Star C3 Pro multiplexer works as SD Connect C4.

STARSHOP here introduces two way make your Star C3 Pro (Quality Version) work as SD Connect C4.

1) Convert Star C3 Pro PartD (C3) to SD connect (C4), download Convert_C3_to_C4 tool.rar, and run it on your star c3 Diagnosis software

2) Then set local-connect IP as:. and the wireless IP:

3) Replace the attached file (cal.sli) locates in F: / F: programmeXentrybinllist and make it Read Only after running Star C3 Xentry software which has connect with your SD connect C4 Multiplexer, then replace the download Cal sli
(If you. are Star diagnostic technician, you also can modify the cal. sli by yourself.)

Some modifications are required to to convert the PartD Star C3 to SD Connect C4.

1. Find out F: ProgrammeDASbin folder in F: / and locate Cal.ini file, follow below steps

PartD (C3) Mux:
SD connect (C4) Mux:
PLATFORM = PART_T (or optional _W for Wi-Fi ONLY communication)

2. Find out HHTWin.ini file which located in the windows MAIN folder, and then follow these:
PartD (Star C3) Mux:
SDconnect (C4) Mux:

After that, you need to configure serial port, LAN network or WIFI network (if you using WIFI diagnostic system)

For detail register or configuration setting, please check starshop technical support.