M.E.9.7AMG variant coding, how to do with everyday update

This thread starts from my question, that I want to point out what the correct variant code version of the ME 9.7Amg is for a c63 with p31, I have sdconnect and vediamo V5.00.5, what to do? Go on reading as follows.

12-15-2014 question:
Would anyone on here be able to point out what the correct variant code version of the ME 9.7Amg is for a c63 with p31? Is it M156_VC13?

Then get answer:
Why dont u ask for C63 AMG 507 or C63 AMG Black Series Variant Code Version
BTW : at the moment my C63 AMG Are Running e63 Variant coding

12-16-2014, someone doubt the above answer:
How did you get the dealer to download code that doesn't match the VIN?
I've been told that code is only accessible via ag and does not reside at the dealer level
They download one vin specific package at a time
Can't store it and download to other vin's

Then I say the answer is right:
Officially, you're right.
Unofficially, i believe there are three methods of possibly being able to do this. 1) Use a dealer account (for a fee) to request a vedoc change, and subsequent online scn coding reflecting the new vehicle options *this is arguably this least likely method to work, 2) Use a version of DAS that is enabled with development data/development mode and offline programing to update the variant coding version of the ME.9.7AMG, 3) Use Vediamo 5.05 to update/flash the ME.9.7AMG (no scn required) with the variant code version that you'd like to load (from what I recollect there were maybe 10-15 variant code versions available in the Vediamo database). I've just been playing around on my laptop, though haven't actually tried anything on the car and Vediamo has a database of all the variant codes for the m156 that are available but it's tough to figure out on first glance which one is which. I need to sit down and really go through all the variations in more depth to see what the differences are between them. Thought perhaps someone on here might already be familiar with the different versions and could confirm whether it was M156_VC13 or not, figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

12-16-2014, someone ask:
Is the vediamo an oem tool? If not how did they get all the code?

What Vediamo software does?
The Vediamo software use the database located in the star F: drive, search .cbf files and .cff
Vediamo 5.0.5 Software development and engineering tool for . The latest version Vediamo 5.0.5 ( Vediamo Software). Super Engineering Edition is used by the plant engineers to develop diagnosis software engineering software, which is now used by Xentry and DASis based on the super engineering version developed and delivered to the general customer service dealers use. Vediamo Software: So the use of super engineering version has no limitation in diagnosis / all of the code with code / modification / programming function are open and. Can not be through the VEDOC (the original application code changes with flow) can be free to increase or decrease the SA code, modify the objective, for example: the increase of vehicles equipped with SA500 electric folding mirrors. Commonly known as the Xentry and DAS development mode: open data project version in 2010 after the release,increase the number of functional limitations. So we will meet the vehicle version is too new to be into the control unit in use, or are unable to do any special modifications to the control unit. For example: W204/2122012 instrument to modify the area family configuration, or open other resource advantage function. Diagnosis / super engineering version of the code with code / modification / programming database using the Xentry database, so the super engineering version is determined with the Xentry version,as long as the database is new and can be used in new models. The V4.00 version can be used COMPACT3 SDconnect does not support the ODX file. The latest V5.0.4 SD Connect supports ODX file. Recommend the use of SD connects peed is relatively stable. Simple summary sentence: with this software, you no longer need to apply online programming or online to change the SA. you can now use Vediamo any offline forcar program, setting code, change the SA Code function.

 12-18-2014 update procedure:
I have an sd connect c4. it's standalone for version 5.05 at least.
I just figured if these modules are ever to be coded etc, the factory flash files for the different variants have to somehow be accessible in vediamo. Given that vediamo doesn't require scn to flash any of the modules since it's a engineering/development tool, I thought there had to be a way one could flash the ecu with a different variant file, it's just a matter of which one to pick. Regarding throttle response, Ive seen a how to video, to reprogram throttle response on base-c's on YouTube using DAS offline scn coding. I don't know if that would give the blip or not on the 63 though.

01-10-2015 update procedure:
To try and modify the ignition timing and fuel mapping of a variant would be a difficult task.
However, this isn't the idea i was floating. what i had suggested was that given there are several variants/versions for the me97amg ecu,if i can determine the one that has the desired settings, i just flash with that variant. no modification would actually be done to the variant. today's the first day i've had a chance to sit and look at these, so i'm digging through them,to try and determine which one is the one say for the p31 or for the black series.

01-20-2015 Update
Have made a little progress, figured out from reading on another forum how to be able to open each of the variant coding files, they are specially encoded as Caesar file format, need to download a program to be able to open/decode them. will post an update soon.

01-27-2015 Update
so as far as I can tell, there are three files, 0009025910_001.cff, 009035101_001.cff, and 009035201_001.cff. These are applicable to the ME97AMG.

The variant currently on my ecu is VC17S31. If any of you have a xentry/das system, and have a 507/p31/bs, perhaps I can use that as a comparison to see what version those have.

Diabolis, thanks for the suggestion, I read on evoxforums that someone used CANdelaStudio. I think they were able to read the cff files with WinOLS as well. I'll have to give these both a try at home. From what I read, it seems Mitsubishi uses similar protocols/system for their tcu's and some guys on there were able to flash their tcu's from the ralliart variant to the evo x variant so they could get things like launch control which wasn't available on their existing variant. Seems, at least from what I've read so far, that they were successful in doing this and they didn't have vediamo to flash a particular file or modified file and were trying to figure out a) how to flash the file to and b) how to deal with the checksum neither of which would be a problem using vediamo, so half the work is already done for us. The only part is really trying to figure out which one of those cff's is the right one and which map needs to be loaded/flashed.

Sorry, I stop here, for further process, I will update when I have time.