SD Connect C4 Computer Technical Help

SD Connect Compact C4 is compatible with two HDD software formats: Internal HDD & External HDD
 SD Connnect Compact C4
1) Internal HDD format
DELL D630 laptop can use Internal D630 HDD. Internal HDD have WIFI function which allows users to carry out fast diagnosis. Users can directly find the activation code and activate when install the software.

2) External HDD format
If you do not have Dell630 laptop, other brands laptops are also accepted. You can choose external HDD, For external HDD, you need to install VMware first, then open the software on the VMware you installed, then find the activation data and activate.

4) Computer System: Had better not install the HDD software on Windows 7 operating system. Although External moveable HDD is compatible with windows 7 mode, 90% SD C4 software get broken because used it on win 7.

5) If you use internal HDD, make sure your Dell630 laptop is integrated video and with at least 1GB memory to avoid blue screen problem, because the Dell630 of the discrete video card s easy to have Blue screen or shutdown and restart problem.

6) If you choose external HDD, make sure the computer meet these requirements: Windows Professional, CPU 2.0GHZ or above, 2GB memory or more.

NOTE: Disable all any-virus software on the laptop before install the software. Otherwise the software will dead.

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