I prefer Star C3 with internal hard drive

There is one thing I think we need to look out for when purchasing star C3. That is I prefer Star C3 with internal hard drive to external hard drive, my reason are followed in the following parts.

To minimize setup difficulties I recommend purchasing a Star kit which includes an internal hard drive with all software pre-installed. It will look like the attached photo. Someone on the forums recommended sticking with the older C3 multiplexer, and this seems reasonable to me.
 Star C3 Pro V2015.7 for  Cars and Trucks
I would purchase the necessary laptop from MBStarTool.com. If you select one that does not include the hard drive, they are cheap. It's probably worth paying a bit extra and getting a Dell 6XX (I.E Dell D630 from http://www.MBStarTool.com/wholesale/dell-d630-core2-duo-18ghz-wifi-dvdrw-second-hand-laptop.html ), as it's my experience that the software is a bit slow on an old IBM. If you end up with an IBM-compatible hard drive, consider purchasing a T23 ThinkPad, because the T30 models are notorious for memory failures.

In my experience I installed the MBStarTool.com hard drive into a T30 laptop and everything worked precisely as advertised with nothing to configure or setup at all. The T30 soon developed the memory problem, and I switched to a T23.