How to turn off auto dimming rear view mirror with Star diagnostic tool

Star diagnostic system (SDS), take SD Connect C4 fro example
Dell D630 laptop running

Enabling Interior Rear-view Self-Dimming mirror with Star multiplexer instruction:

In Star DAS Developer Mode:

1. Install and activate Star diagnostic software. Software is pre-installed and activated if you get the SD Connect C4 multiplexer with Dell D630 laptop bundle package.
2. Run DAS diagnostic software
3. Come to Control units group->F3
4. Select Body control module->F3
5. Select CGW option->F3
6. Select Control unit adaptations->F3
7. Select Read coding and change is necessary->F3
8. Select All codes->F3
9. Change Interior and Exterior mirror dimming to PRESENT
10. Press F3 to save the changes
11. Click F3 to transfer the coding to control unit
12. Click F2 to go back to the CGW section
13. Click F1 to back to the Control unit groups