How to solve HHT-WIN Internal Fault Code 10766 error


I bought the Star diagnosis SD connect C4 diagnostic system. I have installed the XDOS 2015.12V DAS Xentry on Dell D630 laptop, but it gave me two errors:


Error 1:

HHT-WIN display error “Internal fault Diagnosis multiplexer Code:10766”

Error 2:

Fault (1.2) Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed.

Possible reason:

1: HHT error: 2015.12 or newer 2016V Star diagnosis software does not come with HTTWIN software. If you need to troubleshoot old , better go for Star software pre-2015.09V.


2.Multiplexer failed: We can see from the error screenshot, SD connect C4 icon didn’t show on the status bar which indicates you have not set the SD Connect C4 correctly, so the SD C4 is not well communicate with vehicle.