How to make SD Connect C4 to diagnose VW

One of the SD Connect C4 users in forum has newly developed a new function of SD Connect C4--- VW Crafter (LTS) diagnostic.

Here is how he did it:

1) Connect SD Connect C4 to laptop/PC
2) Install SD Connect software
3) Plug the SD C4 unit into the diagnostic socket
4) Select "Spriner 906", then DAS will recognize that vehicle is VW LT3
5) Set Ignition Voltage to pin 8 of Diagnostic Socket. SD Connect will access VW ECU module. Here are the ECU modules that he accessed: Anti lock brake / ESP Heating/Air conditioning / Trailer module / Electronic Ignition switch Ezs / Instrument cluster / SAM Front / OBF/DBF / Radio/navigation, but not included engine controller.
6) He succeeded in doing coding, viewing live data etc of VW with the SD Connect C4 diagnostic system.

Although SD Connect C4 has been developed to diagnose VW vehicles, but its function are limited, can only do some simple coding, view live data etc. But can not perfect other functions.

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