How to install EPC on Mac Pro 10

This is a real customer review on  EPC Electronic Parts Catalogue working on Apple laptop Mac Pro with OS X 10.9.5 and Parallels Desktop 11.1.1. Quoted from the world forum and hope this helps those Mac pro users.


“I was able to get this running on my Mac. I have a Mac Pro with OS X 10.9.5 and Parallels Desktop 11.1.1. I expect this will work on any recent version of OS X and Parallels Desktop.

Before you begin, you need to unpack the contents of the 4 DVDs. I highly recommend doing this in a folder of its own, as you'll get 71 files and folders. The process to extract it all goes about like you'd expect on a Mac. I use UnRar X.

Once you have all that extracted, then you can convert the VMware virtual machine to a Parallels VM. To do this, open up Parallels Desktop, then select File->New... This will bring up the New Virtual Machine dialog. Click on the button that says Add Existing Virtual Machine. Navigate to the directory you just created and select the file Virtual PC.vmx . Then go get dinner. The conversion will take a while.

Once it's done, there's one more thing you need to do to get the software running. The conversion process does not copy over the MAC address (the hardware ID) of the VMware virtual machine. You need to do this manually. Go to the Parallels Desktop Control Center and right-click (or control-click) on the Virtual PC entry (there might be two; if so, you want the one that does not have the option Convert... in the right-click menu). Select the Configure... option. This will bring up the configuration dialog. Click on the Hardware button at the top, then Network 1 in the list on the left. Now, click on the triangle next to Advanced Settings. The result should look like this (might be a little different if you're running an older Parallels, but the idea is the same):


The box highlights what you need to change. Enter the highlighted MAC address - 00:0c:29:e6:6f:b5 - exactly as shown, then close the dialog. You can now start the virtual machine and go to town. Works fine on my system.

I should note that there is no VMware Player for OS X. Instead, they want you to buy VMware Fusion, though you can download it and try it for 30 days. I did that, but was not successful in running the WIS/ASRS/EPC system on it. I also did not try it on VirtualBox, though it might work there.”