How to identify different Star C3 diagnostic systems

We have several versions Star C3 diagnostic system in stock, including best quality Star C3, Star C3 Pro with seven cables, lowest price Star C3 and super Star C3. How to indentify these Star C3 products?

Item No: SP117 Best Quality Star C3
Item No: SP45-F Star C3 Pro with Seven cables (ordinary quality Star C3)
Item No: SP45-C Cheap Star C3
Item No: SP45-B Super Star C3

1. Multiplexer quality

Best quality Star C3 (No SP117) and Super Star C3 (NO.SP45-B) multiplexer are better in quality than ordinary quality star C3 (NO.SP45-F) and lowest price Star C3. If you want to diagnose new car model and truck, we suggest you choose best quality star c3 or super star c3.

2. Software version (latest)

Super Star C3 (NO.SP45-B): 2014.09
Best quality star c3 (NO.SP45-A): 2014.09
Ordinary quality star c3 with seven cables (NO.SP45-F): 2014.07
Lowest Price Star C3: 2014.07

3. Update:

Super Star C3 (NO.SP45-B): update online
Best quality star C3 (NO.SP117):  need buy new HDD for update
Ordinary quality star C3 (NO.SP45-F): need buy new HDD for update
Lowest price Star C3 (NO.SP45-C): need buy new HDD for update

4. HDD format

Super Star C3 (NO.SP117): HDD format including external HDD, DELL D630 HDD and T30 HDD.
Best quality star c3 (NO.SP45-A): HDD format including SATA, IDE DELL D630 and T30 version.
Ordinary quality star C3 (NO.SP45-F): external HDD and IBM T30 HDD
Lowest price Star C3 (NO.SP45-C): external HDD and IBM T30 HDD

5. Price in starshop

Super Star C3 (NO.SP45-B): USD$619
Best quality star C3 (NO.SP117):  USD$459
Ordinary quality star C3 (NO.SP45-F): USD$359
Lowest price Star C3 (NO.SP45-C): USD$299