How to Fix 2015.12 Xentry Not Working

I applied the key but Xentry is still not working.  How do I fix it?
xentry not working
When I run it I get the pop-up screen but nothing after…

I changed the laptop's date as the software version but the problem is not fixed xentry will still not load

I have fixed the problem…

1.       With VM off disable vmware time sync,

2.       Turn on VM, delete all lic_key in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LicDir leave only DO NOT DELETE

3.       Set VM month/year to 12.2015

4.       Disable windows internet time sync in VM

5.       Reboot VM and check month/year should still be 12.2015

6.       Setup Xentry key in StarKey Manager, Xentry fixed