How to enable Tire Pressure Warning du rotation with Star Diagnostic tool

Star diagnostic system SDS (take WIFI SD Connect C4 for example)
Dell D630 laptop running Windows XP O/S

In Star DAS Developer Mode:

Install and activate SD Connect C4 multiplexer software. Software is pre-installed and activated if you get the SD C4 and Dell D630 laptop bundle dealer.
Connect SD Connect C4 diagnostic multiplexer with car via OBD port
Run Star DAS diagnostic software
Select vehicle model

Select Control unit, hit F3
Select Body, hit F3
Select CGW, hit F3
Select Control unit adaptations, hit F3
Select Read coding and change if necessary
Select All codes
Change Tire Pressure Loss Warner status to PRESENT

Press F3 to accept the changes, followed by F3 (Yes) to transfer the coding to the control unit.
Click F2 to back to the CGW section, and then click F1 to go back to Control unit menu.

Select Body
Select Chassis
Select ESP
Select Control unit adaptations
Select Tire pressure loss warner (activating)

F4 to switch the system on, then press F12 to reactivate it.
Press F2 to accept the changes and then click F1 to back to the Control unit menu. You may get ESP / BAS errors on the upper MFD - turn the ignition off then on again to clear faults codes.