How to enable adaptive brake lights with Star

The adaptive brake lights warn cars behind by flashing rapidly in the event of sharp braking.

If the "Adaptive Brake Light" function is activated at a speed exceeding 70km/h, and remains active until the vehicle comes to a halt, the hazard warning system is automatically switched on when the vehicle stops.

The hazard warning lights are also activated automatically in emergency braking situations. In this way, following traffic can react more quickly and the risk of an accident can be reduced.
  adaptive brake lights 
Star Diagnostic System (SDS), take SD Connect C4 for example
Dell D630 laptop running Win XP O/S

Enabling flashing brake lights on emergency braking instruction:

In Star DAS Developer Mode:

1. Install and activate SD Connect C4 diagnostic software. Software is pre-installed and activated if you get the SD C4 multiplexer with Dell D630 laptop bundle package.
2. Connect Star diagnostic tool with via OBD socket
3. Run Star DAS software
4. Come to the main Control units group menu->F3
5. Select Body control module->F3
6. Select Rear SAM option->F3
7. Select Development Data->F3
8. Select Control unit adaptations->F3
9. Select Control unit adaptations (Variant Coding)->F3
10. Pull down the menu and navigate Parameter Notbremsung
11. There are two options is the submenu, select zugelassen (enable)
12. There are two options: Flashing brake and Hazard lights. Enable one or both.