How to do Star Diagnosis C3, SD Connect C4 do Self Test

Star diagnostic tool is a kind of professional diagnostic tool for . Auto diagnostic OBD Star diagnosis includes best price star c3, best quality star c3 pro and sd connect c4 with WiFi for cars and trucks and so on, most of which can diagnose for both cars and 24v trucks to read out and clear fault code, read the real-time data of sensor and actuator, do coding and programming.
Today starshop will share selftesting instructions for star diagnostic tools with you.
How to do self diagnosis test for Star C3 and sd connect C4? Here take SD Connect Compact 4 Wireless Star diagnosis self test as example.
Step 1: Start for DAS Xentry Diagnosis. Open the icon  “STAR UTILITIES” on desktop.
Step 2: Then click the option “Self Diagnosis” and double click “CAESAR Self Diagnosis”
Step 3:You will see SD connect tool kit menu. click the icon “Start”,  For Star C4 sd connect self–test function will start.
Step 4: This is Self-diagnostic report.
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