How to display temperature in the lower MFD with Star

SD Connect C4 diagnostic system (SDS)
Dell D630 laptop

Instruction in Star DAS Developer Mode:

Install and activate software. Software is pre-installed and activated if you get the SD C4 multiplexer and Dell D630 laptop bundle package
Connect the SD Connect C4 system with vehicle via OBD socket
Run DAS diagnostic software
Select Control units function
Select Information and communication
Select ICM Instrument Cluster
Select Diagnosis to plant specifications
Select Control unit adaptations
Select Variant coding, read coding and change if necessary

Reset instrument cluster, follow the instruction below:
Save changes above, press F1 to back to the main INSTRUMENT CLUSTER menu
Navigate to Actuations menu
Select Control module reset
Press F3 to reset the cluster
Press F3 to process and click OK when complete
Press F2 back to Actuations menu
Press F1 to go back to Control unit menu
The IC will perform a reset, the clock will reset itself
Switch ignition to OFF and back on again

You also need to set a couple of MFD menus in order to activate this one. This is done from the DAS Developer Mode variant coding section.

Following are the extras in the settings menu on the upper MFD

The ability to change the DISTANCE units
The ability to change the TEMPERATURE units
The ability to change TEMPERATURE and SPEED around in the lower MFD