How to clean ASSYST PLUS Memory with Star diagnostic tool

Tool needs:
SD Connect C4 diagnostic tool or Super Star C3 diagnostic multiplexer (Developer mode)
Dell D630 laptop

After installed and activate the Star Diagnostic System (SDS) software, run DAS self-test

Developer mode in English language
1. Come to menu program. Select Control units, hit F3
2. Select Body unit, hit F3
3. Select CGW, hit F3
4. Select Development data, hit F3
5. Select Control units-and then select Control unit adaption, hit F3
6. Select Control module programming, hit F3
7. Select (Program control unit (Selection), hit F3

Developer Mode in German language
1. Steuergerate-F3
2. Aufbau-F3
3. ZGW-F3
4. Entwicklungen-F3
5. Steuergerate – Anpassungen-F3
6. Programmieren (Update) von Steuergeraten-F3
7. Steuergerat programmieren (Auswahl)-F3
8. Two options are provided to flash the ZGW/CGW with, choose the correct one. If you choose the wrong file, it terminates process and you can do it over again.
9. Confirm the windows pop-up by click Ja(Yes)
10. The system will display: "Das Steuergerate wurde erfolgreich programmiert" (The control units has been successfully programmed) message, click "OK" if it asks for a reset -> JA (Yes) -> ECU Reset (FN_ECU_Reset) ->F3 again ->F3