How to change time/date in cluster with Star diagnostic tool

Many Star diagnostic system users know that it is able to correct the time in instrument cluster, but do not know where to go. STARSHOP here introduces how to set the analog clock and key dependency with Star OBD?diagnostic tool, take SD Connect C4 multiplexer for an example.

SD Connect C4 Star diagnostic system SDS
Dell D630 laptop running Win XP home

Instructions in Star DAS Developer Mode:

1. Install and activate the software. Software is pre-installed and activated if you get the SD Connect C4 multiplexer and Dell D630 laptop bundle package.
2. Connect SD C4 system with vehicle via OBD port
3. Run DAS software
4. Come to the main Control units group menu->F3
5. Select Information and communication option->F3
6. Select IC Instrument Cluster->F3
7. Select Diagnosis to plant specifications->F3
 change   time/date in cluster
8. Select Control unit adaptations->F3
change   time/date in cluster 
9. Select Control unit adaptations (Variant coding)->F3
change   time/date in cluster 
10. Select Variantkodierung ->F3
change   time/date in cluster 
11. Select Datumsanzeige Grundbildebene and turn date on “ein”
change   time/date in cluster 
12. Select Menu 24 option and activate key dependency to “aktivieren” to active the status.
 change   time/date in cluster
13. Reboot the cluster. The whole procedure is complete.