How to activate rear airbags with Star diagnostic tool

An air suspension supports the vehicle on the axles with an arrangement of air bags instead of steering spring, leaf or coil or some types of torsion spring arrangement. Adding the option can prevent head injuries in an accident.

Here is the example of adding rear airbags to AB module:

Diagnostic equipment:
SD Connect C4 star diagnostic system (SDS) Software HDD version are valid up 2008.10
Dell D630 laptop running Win XP mode

Adding Rear Suspension Air Bag with Star Diagnostic tool in Developer Mode:

1) Install and activate SD Connect C4 software. Software is pre-installed if get the SD C4 and Dell D630 laptop bundle dealer.
2) Connect SD Connect C4 diagnostic multiplexer with vehicle via OBD socket
3) Run Star DAS software
4) Come to main control unit groups->F3
5) Select Body control module->F3
6) Select Airbag (AB)->F3
7) Select Development Data->F3
8) Select Control Module Adaptations->F3
9) Select Variant Coding->F3
10) Select Fahrzeugausstatung Kodieren (the entry menu may slightly different in various module variants)->F3
11) Find out Airbag Hinten Rechts and Airbag Hinten Links options and select drop-down list in the corresponding field. Set the value/status to YES
12) Go back to main Airbag menu, reset the fault codes, turn ignition off, reset fault codes again and cycle the ignition for second time (This is very important).