How SD Connect C4 on Win 7 works

The default system of SD Connect C4 is Windows XP. 90% people fails to install SD connect software on win 7 operating system.  SD Connect software are possible to run on VMware system. Still some people make it work on the host machine (VMware virtual operating system) running win 7 system.

The only way is to install SD C4 software in windows XP mode in Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions) laptop.

Windows XP Mode works in two ways-- as a virtual operating system and as a way to open programs within Windows 7. It runs in a separate window on the Windows 7 desktop, much like a program, except it’s a fully-functional, fully-licensed version of Windows XP. In Windows XP Mode, you can access your physical computer’s CD/DVD drive, install programs, save files, and perform other tasks as if you were using a computer running Windows XP.

When you install a program in Windows XP Mode, the program appears in both the Windows XP Mode list of programs and in the Windows 7 list of programs, so you can open the program directly from Windows 7.

But when installing SD C4 software on host machine, you should pay special attention to LAN and WIFI setting. For VMware LAN and WIFI setting, please check our technical support: How to set LAN and WIFI on VMware for SD Connect C4

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