Experience with SDconnect C4 - Guide for beginners

If you are the first time to consider to buy one sdconnect C4, and hope someone who bought tell you more info. Then you find out the right post, I would like to share what I tested with C4.

I bought sdconnect from MBStarTool.com, paid $580 plus shipping cost to USA  
Tool kit is packaged with all cables and adapters which are compatible with old and new cars and truck.

PCB board details as follows.
 SD Connect Compact 4 PCB board 
 SD Connect Compact 4 PCB board 

DAS/Xentry does all of the stuff you are listing. DAS/Xentry is the software on your laptop hard drive.

Then you have a multiplexer which connects the laptop to the car. That comes in C3 (wired) and C4 (wireless) models.

The only difference is that the C4 has an internal rechargeable battery and has a wifi antenna built in. So you plug it into the OBDII port in your car, set it on the seat, and you're done. Then go back into your house or wherever is comfortable with your laptop, connect the C4 to your laptop (using wifi) and diagnose your car.

It removes the need for you to stand at the car, hanging a wire through the window, and having a bunch of clunky wires and adapters around. You just plug the C4 into the car and walk away.

I do it a different way. My laptop has Teamviewer installed, so I grab the laptop/C3 rig (it all stays permanently connected together as I only use it for DAS and keep it in the garage at all times). I go out to the car, plug it all in, and sit it all on the drivers seat.

Then I go inside and fire up Teamviewer on my laptop (or even my tablet!) and run the software remotely. A 'poor mans C4' I guess

sdconnect 2015.3 activation and diagnosis - guide for beginners