Refund Policy of MBStarTool

Here is refund policy of

We promise to obey the refund policy when the item has the problem bellow:

1. Full Refund

(1)  If we send wrong items to you, which is our responsibility to refund full item value and pay the extra fee to you.
(2) The product you received have quality issue. It can not work once you receive it or it encounter crash in delivery causing you can not use it. Please return the item back at your cost and we will issue a full refund to you,including problem in the hardware, software or adapters.
(3) If you ordered the wrong products and want to cancel order, please send the whole package back to us, after we receive it, we will refund you money.

2. When item out of stock:
(1) If item is out of stock, we will send an email to confirm whether you want to exchange or get a refund. If you want to get a refund, we will cancel the order and refund you money.
(12 If there are still other items for this order and you still want them,we will only cancel the one out of stock and send the rest items to you.

3. If the product is lost in transit to you by shipping company, we will refund you money or resend it to you.

When can i get a refund?

After we receive your return item and check the item in good condition, we will issue you a refund according to our policy within 2 working days through PayPal, please check your PayPal account timely or contact our customer service. If the item you returned is over 3 month from the date ordered,we will charge you 10% handling fee.

Note: You can apply for a refund within 1 month from the date you received the goods. Please return item via ordinary airmail.

Thank you for your support!