Why Xentry shows No more updates when program VGS

Here is the analysis of Xentry “No more updates can be installed on the diagnostic system error” when program 7-G tronic transmission.


I am using SD Connect C4 with latest Star diagnosis 2016.9V Xentry.
I have changed the VGS and need to carry out online scn coding.

But the following prompt appears
“No more updates can be installed on the diagnostic system”


The following functions are not available:
Initial setup
SCN coding
Control unit update

MBStarTool technician analysis:

2016.9V Xentry is able to scn code transmission. Normally xentry will show more options is this menu interface. But the error screenshot does not have any options.

Possible reason:
1.If you changed a new VGS, check if the Part number is correct. Or your ECU is damaged.
2. You have changed a second-hand/old VGS (will not be scn coded)