Which WIFI card for SD connect C4?

I have replace the wifi card on my clone sd connect c4, old card is very bad and i have bought an D-LINK CARD BUS ADAPTER AIR PLUS XTREME G+ DWL650… but when I insert the sd card, it does not recognize… and I can not configure the SD connect …
Try different wifi cards and have some suggestion from fellow…
So, summing up we can conclude the following:
GOOD cards that should work Plug&Play without any problems on SD Connect C4:

  • Netgear WG511T
  • Netgear WPN511 (several reports)
  • D-Link DWL-G650 (firmware B 2.23 or greater like C series or D series)
  • Cisco Aironet CB21AG
  • There are possibly other based on Atheros 5212 that will work but you’re doing this at your own risk  If you make it work please report here!
  • D-link DWL-645
    NEC Aterm wl54ag

BAD cards that will likely not work; do not buy to avoid disappointment:

  • D-Link DWL-G650+


 To avoid issues of wifi cards, i advise you all to get one as my friend’s. it’s a good clone with a tested wifi card. I would buy this if i have sd connect for the second time.
The part marked in red is the wifi card
it’s a part of the sdconnect board, the designers work for MBStarTool.com make it together, which make the wifi card works well and wifi connection in a better condition.
Different from those with separate wifi cards as below: