Which STAR DIAGNOSIS for Your Vehicles (advice)

With the post here, i want to share ideas about star diagnosis with you all. I hope i could help anyone who needs diagnostic tool for your .
This is what i posted on the world.org forum then.
Hi all,
I am new to your site as I am new to the community. I just bought my first SL55 AMG. An amazing car. I have been looking into buying a Star Diagnosis tool. I plan on doing work on this car and from what I read this is the first tool to buy to avoid much heartache. I see many websites selling this compact C4. Most from overseas. China etc. Is this comparable to: Diagnostic system STAR DIAGNOSIS, compact passenger vehicle, order number 6511 1801 00? Has anyone had luck buying one of these from these overseas vendors? Seems inexpensive for what it does at under $400.00US. If so, will it work on a Windows 7 platform?
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hi, my8, I have purchased one the star c3 form chinasinoy one year ago, and now it works perfect. You can have a try.

good luck...
I've got one of the "china" ones for the house and we have a german one for the shop. the cheap one is definitely cheap but it does the job. I've had it for four months and it does everything that our expensive one does. I'm a little more careful with it so I don't mess up the wiring. I say buy it!!!!!!!!!!
I have best quality C3 and it works fine for my 2001, 1998, and 2006 cars. The only advantage I can see is the WiFi without cables. Not sure if Xentry and DAS have new features only for C4.
I ordered C3 from that Chinese website and it is working really good. I consider it to be a very good replica. I also spent a ton of time researching for the best source to get a good replica and found few distributors on the forums. I figured that all of them list their products under different names on the same Chinese site. I don't know which C4 you got from them because I did not research on it. I pointed you to C3 which I picked. I believe they sell a very good quality of C3. As a result, I may conclude they should be selling a good replica of C4. You should be fine with T30. The faster computer is Dell D630. I hope you will be fine with what you got. It can be difficult to setup it at the beginning depending on your computer skills level but don't give up. You always can contact their customer service through skype. They are quite responsive.
Thanks for the reply,
I did try from one vendor and had problems communicating with the car. It was a version that runs off a usb hard drive through Virtual Machine software. It was unstable. I have since returned and bought an older Dell D630 and plan on buying Star C4 directly installed in a Dell D630 hard drive. No Virtual Machine issues. Now fighting to get credit from this China vendor before I try again. Has anyone used a good China vendor you could recommend?
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SD Connect - Star Diagnosis Connect - without this you won't be able to communicate with the mux (the hardware box)
I installed Xentry, EPC, WIS, SDMedia on the same laptop.
I am in bay area and drive to so cal on every other weekend or so to see my parents. I can help you out as I got all that stuff on a hard drive now.
I would Advise buy SD CONNECT C4 with D630 laptop.
because it connect via LAN Cable but not COM Port as star c3 . most laptop have not this COM port ,also used Laptop may have problem on Com port so that you would not communication well .
I got one from here SD Connect Compact 4 almost one year . It still working great .

I finally bought the mux for about 300usd without the hard drive,
I installed DAS Xentry and WIS on a DELL Laptop.
So far it is working good.
Where to buy star diagnosis?
I got mine from starshop
i didn't buy the hard drive, just installed the software on my own laptop. Yes it will work on any laptop that has a serial port - db9.
The USB to Serial is unreliable, the VM is also unreliable.
They sold me a C4 but not the wireless kind its just a box with connectors on both ends. The firmware has a 2005 date. But it works on all the cars.
The software is on many places, search google. That's how I found it, but it was a pain in the neck to download (large files) and also pain to install it (lot of nuances to deal with)
I know this thread has been going for a while now, however i thought I would update it. I recently purchased a replacement box from starshop company and it works great on my W212, R171 and my smart 451. It allowed me to do exactly what I needed and the diagnostics are great.
They recently changed the web address for anybody looking for a system to http://www.MBStarTool.com/
I just got it from starshop paid around $550 to get the laptop+c4+ software
Star is an excellent piece of diagnostic equipment, the best out there for , I have seen other diagnostic platforms and I would only ever use star.

Hope this is useful.