What tool advice read 2004 vito 115cdi?

MBSTAR can be purchased by anyone but it will cost a few thousands. And this is without the subscription.

The cheaper alternative is buying Chinese clones Star instead or generic code readers than can perform manufacturer-specific diagnostics for a range of makes.

The lowest cost option is a basic ODBII reader, but these only cover standard engine and transmission faults.

Proper STAR can access every bit of the car that has electronics... from central locking to airbags to instrument cluster etc.

STAR can also be used to code retrofitted features or enable/disable existing features (e.g. mirrors fold/unfold with lock/unlock, basic TPMS, etc).

Besides, I actually think on an older vehicle a STAR is a great investment, less than 10 diag's and it has paid for itself

BTW, a meer here used my star to enable all sorts of things on his car for free, would not have done it as these were features the original buyer did not purchase.