Vediamo 05.00.05 for SDconnect C4--- it is all here

Vediamo 05.00.05 for SDconnect C4+Dell D630 diagnostic is the super engineer mode for engineer daily use.

1. It can only be used with SDconnect C4
2. This software can only work together with DAS Xentry software, please make sure you have that DAS Xentry software before you buy this.
3. We do not offer technology support for this software, please make sure you know how to work with it.
 4. the price is within one time free activation.
 Vediamo Software

The latest version Vediamo 05.00.05 ( Vediamo Software) is used by the plant engineers to develop diagnosis and engineering software, which is now used by Xentry and DAS, is based on the super engineering version developed and delivered to the general customer service dealers’ use.
The use of super engineering version has no limitation in diagnosis / modification / programming function are open which can not be through the VEDOC (the original application code changes with flow) can be free to increase or decrease the SA code, modify the objective, for example: the increase of vehicles equipped with SA500 electric folding mirrors. Commonly known as the Xentry and DAS development mode: open data project version in 2010 after the release, increase the number of functional limitations. So we will meet the vehicle version is too new to be into the control unit in use, or are unable to do any special modifications to the control unit.
For example: W204/2122012 instrument to modify the area family configuration, or open other resource advantage function. Diagnosis / super engineering version of the code with code / modification / programming database using the Xentry database, so the super engineering version is determined with the Xentry version,as long as the database is new and can be used in new models.

Also, Vediamo - the distributed diagnostic application for engines (Verteilte Diagnose Anwendung für Motoren) - is a software system for electronic control unit (ECU) diagnostics which is integrated in the CAESAR/DIOGENES process chain.

It allows diagnostics on any ECU over K-line as well as CAN, and encompasses all established protocols from RTMD+, ISO, KWFB, KW2000 to UDS. Despite its name, Vediamo is no longer limited only to engine ECUs.

Vediamo is based on the - DCDI standard communication platform CAESAR and hence supports all communication hardware, such as Part C, Part A, Part Y, etc. DIOGENES data, used by all diagnostics applications in the company and which can be drawn from the central TAMINO data base, can be used as diagnostics data.
Vediamo Software 
Vediamo Software 

We use SD Connect C4 multiplexer to work with the Vediamo 05.00.05 Software, and tested both LAN and WLAN connect, everything works fine. Below is the photo we tested with W211.
Vediamo Software 
perform variant coding by vediamo 05.00.05:
Start Ecoute
Load the system containing the ECU to be coded
Establish contact to the ECU
Select the menu entry Coding / Variant coding
If all preconditions are correctly entered in the system description, they are automatically executed when the Varcode window is opened. If this is not the case, you can execute the necessary services(e.g., release, programming mode, etc.) yourself by double-clicking in the selection window.
Proceed as described above.

variant coding:
Vediamo Software