Super Star C3 Diagnosis “No device selected” error

mbstartool received an email from one of the customer who explaining his problem in very detail yesterday.

The problem is a bit long but easy to understand.

“1. I used a desktop PC with dedicated serial port (so no need any more to use the Express card that is supposed to simulate a serial port for laptops).

2. I cloned the external hard drive the VM that also contains the Super Star C3 2011.08V Diagnostic software, so to get the software reacting a bit faster.

3. I tested the serial port of the host desktop by connecting a thermocouple and recording data through that port.

4. I had to renew Xentry’s key, because it stated that the host has different ID (as some of you had correctly stated, it indeed record’s computer’s physical address) I had to renew it by obtaining a new key from the vendor.    Renewal was successful.

5. While the host PC has only one port (Com 1), the VM shows two serial ports.  As suggested, I removed Port 1, and set Port 2 with speed of 19200 baud rate (see below pix)
Super  Star C3 problem Super  Star C3 problem

6. Note that the VM takes information from Com 1 of host PC.
Super  Star C3 problem
7. I connected the multiplexer’s one end to the serial port of the host PC, and for the other, I used the cable that comes with 4 wires at one of its end.  I connected the red wire to 12 V DC ,  amp that I got from one of the power supplies of the host PC that can be used to run an internal hard drive, and connected the black wire to ground (host PC’s chassis.)

8. Unfortunately, the result of CSEAR test is “No device detected”.
Super  Star C3 problem

As soon as I rebooted the VM, it reverts to recognizing two Com ports (Com 1 and Com2).

I tested with Com 1 as well.  But the same result was obtained. Somehow it does recognize that the multiplexer is attached to Com 1 of the host PC.

I would appreciate your input!

Farid.  ”


Each Super Star C3 diagnostic system comes with only one USB dongle, which can fit only one computer. If you have the ability to clone the external hard disk in the VM that also contains the Star Diagnostic software, re-activate the software follow correction instruction.

Set your Host PC COM to COM1 before installing the Star diagnostic software.

Do not remove/set the COM in VMware. Just ignore the COM in VMware. Otherwise the computer will not communicate with Star diagnostic tool.

If you remove/reset COM in VMware, back to the default setting or test the COM1 and COM2 separately with COM2.

If you still have doubts about the problem, please contact starshop customer service.

Video reference:
How to activate Super Star C3 diagnostic software?