Star Diagnosis for the Airmatic system of my S340

S430- 2000 the Airmatic system can certainly be a big challenge, and even more so without the benefit of the correct use of a Star System. It is only a small challenge until now. That is the environment and what I have to work with so far.
I have had success with the remove and replace method of failed struts, air pump, and relays.
Recently I have the Airmatic message “Car not rising, Visit Workshop” - in the cluster and not the most severe message - Car too low Do Not Drive - or close to that level of message. I think it shows up in orange color
Currently I see the S430- 2000 at an inflated level, but a bit too high and hard riding. Clearly a space above the tries and body rises higher when raise is switched on. 
The Visit Workshop message is present. I have replaced relays, raised and lowered the vehicle with the in car controls. I have disconnected the 2 front ride height level sensors individually, and adjusted the levers and viewed the car adjusting 1 side at a time. The ride height is still high and a hard ride.
From what I am determining in my steps is that those sensors are functional, and pump is operational and relay working. The Airmatic control unit appears to be working, and pump run then stops. (This is where not having Star Diagnostics. I get into very grey levels of knowledge.)
The control valve is my next part replacement. It is original.
Where is the part that was referred to "moisture saturation of the desiccant in the air pump." I know of the intake air filter. It looks like a fuel filter body, is this the desiccant / and replaceable part?
I am thinking that with knowledge that the air pump, relay, valve body, check for pressure, and 2 front ride sensors, are all operational - I am at my limit of checking for failed components and from here I am in the dark with replacing additional parts without any real basis of of knowledge. (I might have been earlier, but I thought this was the best possible plan given my environment)
Next step is a trip to Dealer "no please!" or find an independent in Richmond VA with a Star Diagnostic is the best. With that and then getting the error diagnostic results I can decide what is next.
But I don't know is there anything I have missed and I will also update after I have the new valve installed and have the results. So, I went to the forum to ask some question-mb-- "Is there a reset that turns on the Airmatic again that I can do", and sort of like the AC system reset-mb-- "there has been a issue detected or failure the system needs to be reset to run again?"
 And I ask help for someone who has a successful Star purchase experience, because I have read just about every Star purchase post from a China source, and the ones with Star installed on laptop, are reputable sources, are the best and most expensive also.
Luckily, I get the information all I want to know like this:
Then I go to starshop for 2015.05V SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis and Dell D630 with software installed. It is very convenient to repair cars for its wonderful design-mb-- WIFI and pre-installed software so that I can use it immediately when I get it. I really enjoy this coination, the newest version SD Connect C4 diagnostic tool and the Dell D630 laptop. I think if the Dell D630 laptop can be touch and moved like pad, it will be more convenient for our user.