(solved) w210 E240 transmission limp mode error codes

Last week my w210 automatic transmission suddenly went in to what appears to by hard limp mode.

Failure description and observations:
Only second (I think, about 4000 RMP in 60km/h) and reverse gear works.
Shift indicator window is filled.
I've noticed a small delay (about half a second) when I turn the key and before start motor activates. The engine starts immediately after that.
Everything else seems to work normally (engine, ABS, ESP, CC etc).
It happened also a week earlier but it suddenly start shifting again after about 20 seconds.

It has been warm weather and turn the car off (after driving for 15 min) and start again hasn't made any difference so low battery voltage don't seems to be the problem.

Then I decided to bought SD connect c4+ Dell D630 for a diagnostic test on it. There was a lot of saved codes but also some active.
Active error codes:
EWM gear selecting module
P1875 - CAN communication with other controllers mounted in this vehicle is not possible - active and saved
P1876 - Signals sent from controller N47 (traction system) about wheel speed and braking torque is not saved in CAN bus - active and saved
ME2 motor electronic 2
P0170-023 Idle AFR control right bank - active and saved
P0173-134 Idle AFR control left bank - active and saved
P0173-133 Part load AFR control left bank - active
P0170-022 Part load AFR control right bank - active
P1999 Unknown error code Unknown error type - active and saved
There are about 20 more of saved codes.

I bought the car 10 month ago and I haven't noticed any change in engine behavior. 1 1/2 month ago I took an emission test and it was perfect.

If you want to solve the limp mode issue
-mb-check the battery first
-mb-look at the gear selector module faults
-mb-clear all the faults and change the module!!

Some other data about transmission limp mode for reference:
-mb-cause of transmission limp mode
cause of transmission limp mode 
-mb-similar case but solved successfully
My recommendation for anybody having problems with their transmission going into limp home mode is to check your battery.
I would also suggest that the - 722.6 transmission FAQ sticky in this forum make mention of a failing battery being the potential cause of the transmission going into limp home mode.
w210 limp home mode, transmission won't shift, bad battery