(Solved) Initialization of the EPC database has failed

Here is the customer solution to Star diagnosis EPC.net software "initialization of the epc database has failed" error.


Does anyone know how to resolve the following error: "initialization of the epc database has failed" ?

for EPC 2.2016 (downloaded database)
running on windows 7 ultimate x64

i do everything but all solutions in vain
- downgrade Java version
- kill TBmux32.exe process when i installing ewa
- turn off UAC
-run admin tool "as administrator


valid keys are provided, but regarding permissions as workshop i dont know this point




I uninstall EWA completely, remove it from windows registry, delete DB folder, restart PC, start installing everything from scratch.. still the same error msg!


I spent some time in investigating the solution and finally solved the problem with the guidance of owner.


Look what I did but don't follow yet:
1. Stopped all EPC/WIS/Core/Application services.
2. Renamed E:\db folder to E:\db1
3. I used CleanEWAInstallation.vbs located in the installation DVD\ewa\tools
4. Rebooted.
5. Manually deleted the ewa folder from its installed location (C:\Program Files (x86) in your case).
6. Manually deleted all ewa keys from the registry (It would take less than 10 minutes).
7. Renamed E:\db1 folder back to E:\db. As you see I did NOT delete E:\db folder as it only should be deleted if you are sure that you have corrupted EPC/WIS databases, otherwise it will waste your time copying the ROM files again.
8. Uninstalled Daemon Tool
9. Rebooted
10. Installed Alcohol 120%. (May ask to reboot before completing the installation).
11. Mounted EPC 02.2016 B1 DVD.
12. Installed ewa in C:\Program Files not in C:\Programme as installed before.
13. Added EPC/WIS keys.
14. Installed EPC database. (It will only take seconds as all files already there in the E:\db folder).
15. Tested EPC and working.
16. Installed WIS database. (It will also take only seconds as all files already there in the E:\db folder). It might ask for the EPC b1, use EPC 06.2016 B1 update DVD.
17. Tested WIS and working.
18. Update EPC and WIS to version 06.2016.

To your case I suggest that you follow my instructions except step 6 where registry keys are manually deleted. This could cause your operating system to malfunction if you are not sure what you are doing.
Also make sure that you use different ewa folder for installation. I suggest c:\ewa


It WORKS !!!! yes really works.

Working like a charm !