Review SD Connect C4 Diagnosis with DELL D630 for Freshman

I am new to all diagnostic tools and tuning, so I never thought I would get to it, previously if I had any issue I would just drive my car to dealer and they will take care of my ride. But since I moved to Lagos-Nigeria I am finding hard times to locate a good workshop that will give me that peace of mind. I am currently driving a 2013 ML63 w166, and a 2010 R350 4Matic.

Recently I encountered two problem with both both vehicles, with the R the drivers side AC was blowing hot air but all other parts where functional normally, and the boot door will not open or close automatically, I sent it to the official workshop and was charged $3500, the car stayed well above three weeks at the workshop and was returned to me with the problems fixed "for less than a week" ; the rear camer was not even installed properly and it is pointing up on the R.

So I decided to start doing my diagnosis on my own, see if any of the malfunctions I can fix alone, or at least to know exactly what is wrong with my car before sending to the workshop. Then I was recommended by some bro and purchased V2015.05 SD Connect Compact 4 Star diagnosis with DELL D630 laptop from starshop which supplies all kinds of diagnostic tools for vehicles. Amazing!! I got a great deal information of my 2013 ML63 w166,and 2010 R350 including the problems above. I never know my car like this. And surprisingly to find that there is something wrong with my 2010 R350. Although it is hard for a freshman to do alone with these malfunctions and have to send to workshop, I am pleased with this purchase, basically read errors and understand what they mean by starshop customer service. SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic tool supports K line diagnosis and CAN BUS, but also UDS diagnosis protocol. The wireless function makes diagnosis very convenient. I would like to learn more about it, get more familiar with the system, to perform more advance functions, and try to diagnose my cars by myself next times.