Review Best Quality Star C3 Diagnostic Tool

hi, brothers, I have bought one the star c3 from mbstartool several months ago, and now it works perfect for my 2001, 1998, and 2006 cars including reading out and erasing trouble code, reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator; coding and programming. You can have a try.

Do not worry about that the "china" clones are much cheaper and the quality of products are not as well as the original. Some of my friend from the club all purchased best quality C3 from the same shop. We did not find any problem with C3. We think it to be a wonderful replica. My friends and i also spent a ton of time researching for the best source to get a good replica and found few distributors on the forums. After discussion, we decided to buy C3 from star shop for it is more professional for , compared with other comprehensive websites. starshop is specialized for vehcles. Go to have a look and you will trust me.

This is the star c3 diagnostic multiplexer’s PCB board i disasseled.
good luck...