(Quote) too much info dedicated to Star

While searching for a fix for another meer I have come across a blog dedicated to Star and it has 8 pages of how to's images and tutorials, as well as common problems with star units and how to go about fixing/updating them etc
Far too much info for me to copy and paste here so here is the link
Technical - http://blog.MBStarTool.com/category/-star-tech-support/page/3/
Software - http://blog.MBStarTool.com/category/-star-software-service/ 
The number 3 in the URL is the page number (last page at time of posting this is page 8), you can just change that to say 5 or 6 etc if you don't want to navigate through the "older posts" - "newer posts"
Around page 6-5 downwards it starts getting into tweaks for example a few are
gas tank mod
fan mod
seatbelt chime
tv/dvd while driving
Speed Limiter
How to Chip your Multiplexer
the list goes on, it's a good read
* Mods if the link is not allowed on this site please remove this post
There seems to be quite a few STAR posts popping up so I hope this helps
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